Frequently Ask Questions

What is IIC?

IIC stands for Impact Insulation Class. It is a unit of measure used in acoustics to measure the amount of impact sound transmission that passes through a subfloor.

Why is recycled rubber considered better than virgin or synthetic rubber?

Virgin rubber is sustainable as it is derived from trees, and synthetic rubber also has a low impact on the environment. However, flooring that contains recycled rubber is a less expensive and more durable choice than virgin or synthetic rubber and is a better choice as far as environmental impact is concerned.

Why is recycled rubber so effective as a sound deadening material?

The process of shredding the waste tires into crumb rubber produces very small particles which, when bound together, contains millions of small air “voids”. As sound is forced to navigate across these voids, much of the sound energy (loudness) is dissipated through these voids.

How does recycled rubber compare to cork underlayment?

Cork is susceptible to mildew and rot, especially if water becomes involved. Because of this, cork requires some form of sealant to prevent such susceptibility- an expensive proposition at best.

How is your pricing compared to other suppliers?

Canadian Carpet and Cushion offers some of the most competitive pricing in the market. We can offer such pricing due to our large volume of materials.

What thickness of rubber flooring should I use?

The heavier the objects that are being placed on the flooring and/or the higher amount of foot traffic, the thicker the flooring needs to be. Although, all thicknesses of our products are extremely durable and can handle extreme conditions.

Can I install carpet over Endurance Undercushion?

Yes, Endurance Undercushion is a durable crush resistance underlayment that will help reduce both airborne and impact noise

Why are there different thicknesses, which one do I use?

A- The reason for the different thicknesses is for different application. A concrete slab has different acoustical qualities than lightweight wood frame construction. The 3mm typically can be used on most concrete slabs to achieve the desired results. On lightweight wood frame construction we recommend the heavier 6mm (1lb sq ft) or 10mm (2 lb sq ft) to help reduce both airborne noise (STC) and structure borne noise (IIC).

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